Suman tackles a drunken Sheuv and warns him to mebd his ways. Kabir concludes tgat Dhruv must not have kidnapped Pooja. While spotting Jay and Shonali leaving the house all tensed and scared he questions Jay. Jay lies and leaves instead.
At Pooja’s home Rani claims that Chanda is leaking information to Kabir by staying in the house. Rani twists her arm but Amma comes to her rescue.

Here, Chopra came and held Kabir’s collar asking where had he kept Pooja. Chopra sends him off saying if he is so worried he shoulf rather go searching for her than wasting his time on him. Upon seeing Amma, Chopra claims that Kabir has kidnapped Pooja. But the receptionist takes Kabir’s side and clarifies that he has been here since 5 hrs. When Pooja went missing. Amma says that she does trust Kabir since he saved her from the stuck lift. Kabir thanks her and suggests that they should go search for her.

On the other hand, Jay’s principal gets him arrested on account of leaking papers to his friends. Kabir somehow manages to get Jay spared for one last time. Police Inspector warns Kabir and lets go of Jay.

Rani comes in with Ranjit and alleges that Kabir has kidnapped Pooja but the police dismissed them saying the receptionist has already given her statement.
Upon reaching home, Jay pleads Kabir to punish him. Kabir says he can do whatever he wants. Suman blames Pooja for all the problems.
Kabir takes Pooja’s driver to police station and informs his driver that someone following Pooja’s car in a bike.Driver helps to make the sketch of the follower.

Elsewhere,Pooja pleads the kidnapper to free her. The kidnapper throws a bottle on the floor. Pooja identifies him as Dhruv Mittal. Here, Kabir also identifies the sketch as Dhruv’s.

Now in the upcoming episode, we will see Kabir suspects Djruv to be involved in Pooja’s kidnapping and stalks him. Meanwhile Pooja struggles to escape from captivity.

We are super excited to watch the new episodes. If you are too, do tell us.