In the upcoming episode, Rohit will discover pregnancy of Pari which he will tell Rohan. Rohan, on the other hand accuses Pari and Sonakshi characterless which irks Rohit. 

Sumit meets and tells Rohit how much Sonakshi hates him and why he is continuously insulting Sonakshi when he loves her so much and secretly helping her all the time. He even called him from London and gave him 4 lakhs for lawyer.  But Rohit says Sumit have to be there as a friend for Sonakshi everytime because she need a friend in times of these.  

Later, by mistake wedding card of  Aakash and Deepa goes to Sonakshi. Suman got angry but Sonakshi make her understand it must be a mistake of working staff. Further, Sonakshi called them to congratulate but Nishi comes disconnects the mobile. Sonakshi thinks they don’t want to talk to her. Suman gets angry that Rohit and Rohan has ruined her daughter’s life when Pari misbehaves her. 

Upcoming is Sonnakshi meets producer of the film for a role but he mixed a drug in drink and take Sonakshi inside room making an excuse. Rohit sees her photos on the table and wonders where is she.