In the upcoming episode viewers will witness Rohit giving Sonakshi divorce in front of all family members. When Sonakshi asked twice Rohit discovers that the clause in divorce is infidelity. Rohit looks at his mother as she was the made the divorce papers after Sonakshi slaps him. She says she hates Rohit. Rohit will not deny about the clause and Sonakshi will leave home without signing papers. 

Rohit on the other hand locks himself in the room and shatters everything in his room to take out his frustration. Alone, he says that he loves her and he wants her out of his house because everybody hates her here. 

Later, she is going to face Mahesh who will capture her to take her his village. Sonakshi anyhow manages to escape but Mahesh again comes to her. Sonaskshi attacks him and tries to run when coming truck hits her and she lost his consciousness. 

Upcoming is Sonakshi’s mother asking Rohit about her daughter. Everyone is looking for Sonakshi including Rohit but Sonakshi is found nowhere. 

Is Sonakshi with Mahesh? Is Sonakshi alive? What is next step of Mahesh? What will Rohit do?

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