Viewers have witnessed the restlessness of Anurag Basu when his dream, hope and life was made upside down by Mr. Bajaj in last few episodes of Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2. Though, he find it unbelievable but Prerna is now with someone else. However, on other side Prerna discovered a soft side Mr. Bajaj for his daughter. 

Today Spoiler/WriteUp: 

Today episode will start with Mr. Bajaj with no emotions turning into teary eyed Mr. Bajaj. The tears are of happiness because his daughter has accepted Prerna as her new mother. More importantly, she finds comfort in her new mother and slept peacefully with her. 

The scene then flipped to Anurag Basu’s office. Anurag made a deal with all the investors who have turned initially to Mr. Bajaj. He promised them to give 50% of profit if they join him. In lure of more, all investors grabbed the opportunity thrown by Anurag. 

Later, Anurag visits home of Mr. Bajaj announcing his takeover over Mr. Bajaj’s company and home in front of Prerna. Mr. Bajaj request him not to take his home but Anurag denies it. On the contrary, he gave him just one day to pack and leave the home next day. He argues that his personal has been torn apart by Mr. Bajaj, now its his turn and he will do the same.

After leaving, Anurag thinks of Prerna and thinks that she have to come to him, no matter what the cost will be.  

In office, Anurag argues with Anupam. Anupam says that Prerna didn’t go willfully. It was him and Nivi who told her to go Mr. Bajaj to talk. Anurag counters him saying that he asked her to go not to marry Mr. Bajaj. 

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