Today’s episodes is going to bring many twists and turns and further the story moves, so does the suspicion on characters. Today episode will show glimpses of every bit of forthcoming plots.  

Episode starts with film Jabariya Jodi leads Siddharth Malhotra and Parineeti Chopra doing promotions for their film releasing on 9th August. Siddharth kidnaps a groom from a marriage which Mr. Bajaj and Prena are attending. Mr. Bajaj intervenes suspiciously while Parineeti talk to Prerna. Later they performed on a song of their film.  

Mr. Bajaj and Prerna returns to their home where Masi and his adopted daughter welcome them with Aarti and dance. 

Later, Anurag is digging deep about Mr. Bajaj history and discovered that his company is in bad shape. Nivedita asks him to come out of obsession of Prerna and deny to support him initially for this. But later agreed as Mr. Bajaj has ruined her father’s company. 

Moving ahead, Perna discovered some papers in a file named Anurag’s Buy Out. She confronts Mr. Bajaj, but got interrupted by servant who informs her of her mother’s arrival. 

Prerna’s mom confronts her about what she did with Anurag. Also, she made clear that she don’t believe that Prerna can do something like this just for sake of money. Prerna got emotional and ready to break but then controls herself. Because she knows that if her mom will find out, she will not be able to bear the pain. 

Why Mr. Bajaj has done this? That will surely unfold in the coming episodes. What will be the reaction of Prerna and how Anurag will conspire against Mr. Bajaj? So many truths still under wraps. 

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