Anurag tries to kill Prerna but she is saved by Mr. Bajaj. 

In the upcoming episode Anurag will take Prena to Howrah Bridge. They will be sharing a romantic moment together and later Anurag will push her from bridge into river. Mr. Bajaj will save her from drowning. 

However, afterwards Prerna wants to confront Anurag so she and Mr. Bajaj goes to house where Prerna will see Anurag and Komolika celebrating her death. Prerna wants to yell at them but Mr. Bajaj will drag her and takes her with him. 

Later, he will disclose that the papers which Prerna has signed was not of marriage registry but of house papers which Mr. Bajaj has gifted to Prerna’s child. He will also confirm that Komolika has sent her child to orphanage. 

Upcoming will be Mr. Bajaj and Prerna goes to orphanage only to discover that a cylinder has blasted and the newly born baby who came in the morning has died.  Traumatic Prerna wanted to end her life but Mr. Bajaj consoles her and offers her to come with him to London for Kuki.