Today episode again give flashes of constant failures of Dr. Sid attempting to convince Dr. Ishani that he is not guilty. 

All junior doctors make Dr. Ishani feel better by saying whatever happens in her childhood, she is not at fault. They will always stand with her.  

Dr. Rishabh opens a petition for throwing Dr. Ishani and tells that to Dr. Sid who have confronted him for posters of Dr. Ishani all over the hospital. But, when Dr. Ishani comes he very cleverly give the pad to Dr. Sid who is unaware that Dr. Ishani is listening saying the he don’t to sign. This makes Dr. Sid guilty of starting petition against Dr. Ishani. They argue but Dr. Ishani leaves with other junior doctors. Dr. Rishabh is happy about his win. 

Dr. Anjali takes decision not to sue father.

Other side, Dr. Juhi tries to convince Dr. Shashank  that it was just fatherly love of the child which compel the father to slap Dr. Anjali. Later, in her cabin Vardhan trying to convince Dr. Anjali that they should get a lawyer and hire a lawyer. Dr. Ishani comes but Dr. Anjali passes sarcastic comment on her. However, Dr. Ishani don’t want to sue father. Dr. Shashank comes with father who apologizes to Dr. Anjali for what he did. He said that he was just a fatherly emotions which comes out. Dr. Anjali take back her decision to sue him. 

Dr. Sid tries to again Dr. Ishani but in vain. Dr. Rishabh mocks at his uncle and him being of average background. This make Dr. Sid furious. Dr. Ishani comes and separates them but blames Dr. Sid. Dr. Rishabh gives Veronica’s case to Dr. Ishani and instructs her only to follow orders and nothing to do on her own. 

Later, Dr. Sid kidnaps Dr. Ishani in an ambulance and again tries to convince her. Furious Dr. Ishani slaps him.