Today episode will showcase no end to Dr. Ishani’s humiliation. 

Dr. Ishani won’t believe Dr. Sid that he is not culprit. She leaves ambulance. 

Later, Veronica meets Dr. Rishabh and Dr. Ishani. Dr. Ishani treats her despite of the fact that Dr. Rishabh told her to do some tests on Veronica. She even get her discharge which annoys Dr. Rishabh. He yells at her and throws her out of his team. Dr. Sid offers her to come back to his team.

Dr. Neil’s father is critical:

Here, Dr. Asha and Dr. Sid handles a case. They call Dr. Neil who froze when he sees the patient. He is his dad. Dr. Sid tells him to go out and tells Dr. Asha to take care of him. He also calls Dr. Rahil in the OT to assist. Later, when Neil’s father become critical, then he calls for help of Dr. Juhi. 

Dr. Ishani was appointed new senior, Dr. Irani whom she found sleeping in his chamber. Dr. Ishani who plays by the rules, complaint about him with proof. Therefore, he got suspended. 

Dr. Shashank teases her in his chamber when she goes to get a new senior under whom she can work. He is sure that accusations on Dr. Ishani’s parents are false, but she says, the proofs says otherwise. He tries to cheer her up and tells her, she will get another senior doctor to assist. 

Due to Dr. Rishabh and Dr. Irani and her parent’s history, no senior doctor is ready to take her in. She became depressed. She was walking when Dr. Juhi collides as she was in hurry of emergency. She didn’t realize that she fell and leaves for OT. 

Dr. Aman makes her stand and unknowingly gives her idea of leaving Sanjivani. Dr. Ishani too feels that it is best for her to leave Sanjivani and she leaves.