Today’s Sanjivani 2 episode is an interesting turn on events which brings the lead together with a glimpse of their past in . 

The hospital staff arrives at bombing site. They were shocked to see the loathsome which is full of dead bodies and heavily injured people. Finally, doctors started treating them. 

Another side, Dr. Sid comes home to meet his maa. While chatting, Dr. Sid tells her Dr. Shahank’s case and asks her for meal. 

Dr. Shashank comes to consciousness and thanks Juhi. He also asks Juhi to become CEO but Dr. Juhi asks him to rest and talk later. Dr. Anjali overhears this conversation. A nurse informed them about emergency and requests them to assist. 

At site, Dr. Ishani tries to climb an inverted car to help when she slipped and Dr. Sid holds her in his arms. They argue and parted ways. Dr. Rishabh shouts on Dr. Sid but he punches him. 

Dr. Ishani found a girl with a iron rod hurting her in stomach. She tries to take the child for operation but people recognized her as terrorist’s daughter. They want to kill her and one man grab hands of Dr. Ishani. But, Dr. Sid comes to her rescue. Later, all doctors make a chain to help the girl. In between, Dr. Ishani remembers her struggled childhood and connects to the girl at emotional level. 

They returns to hospital when media and people questions about hospital’s intentions. All demanded not to save a terrorist daughter. 

Dr. Vardhan allows the girl in hospital to show his humanity. However, on director’s recommendations tells media that his hospital will not give a bed to those who have any connection with terrorist. 

Dr. Ishani is treating the girl when Dr. Vardhan comes and gives the same bed to some Sighania. 

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