Sanjivani 2 is making its every episode worth watch. Today episode is not to be missed if viewers want to watch a progressive story line. 

Today episode begin with Dr. Gupta coming in OT and Dr. Rishabh revealing himself. Dr. Rishabh objects to Sanya’s opertaion but Dr. Sid throws him out of OT. Dr. Ishani is shocked to see his angry avatar. 

Dr. Rishabh take pictures of Sanya getting operated in OT and sends to media. Dr. Vardhan is furious to know that pictures have been sent to media. Therefore, asks Dr. Rishabh to find out who did it. 

He comes to stop OT but Dr. Juhi stops her outside OT saying that OT is going and he cannot enter. When asked with what right she is doing, she declares that she is accepting offer of COS. Then Dr. Vardhan asks Dr. Juhi to handle crowd and media as she is COS. 

Dr. Juhi faces media and crowd when one one them throw stone at her. She gets hurt but stand there convincing them.

Here, in OT when doctors take out rod, a blood fountain splashes on Dr. Ishani’s face. She remembers her past as how she was going to be killed because of what her parents did. 

Dr. Sid and Dr. Ishani connection:

Dr. Sid shakes Dr. Ishani that operation is successful and Sanya is saved. Dr. Ishani sits in a corner and cried. Further, Dr. Sid comes and consoles her. Initially, she shows her gratitude but later left him in hurry. 

However, on Sanjivani entrance when Dr. Vardhan feels that the crowd and media is quite convinced, he interrupts in between to take advantage. 

Later, Dr. Shashank congratulate Dr. Juhi because she accepted his offer. But they both are worried about of fate of Dr. Sid which is in hands of Dr. Ishani. 

Next morning, all junior tells Dr. Ishani to make a call in favour of Dr. Sid except Dr. Vardhan. He suggest that Dr. Sid is on path which was once followed by her parents and soon he will become like her parents.

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