Today episode is third week first episode and it offers a great start. It shows us how personal gains are important for few doctors while others feel blessed to treat even the poor. 

The episode firstly, start with Vardhan talking to Dr. Ishani. He asks her not to get diverted from her decision against Dr. Sid. However, Dr. Sid is treating slum patients and cracking jokes with them. A child wasn’t responding therefore he immediately treats her with his Jugad. 

Meanwhile in hospital, Vardhan meets Dr. Anjali and discovers that she is upset because she didn’t get COS post. Vardhan offers her COS of luxury ward. Dr. Anjali says, will her father give permission for that. Vardhan said, that she should leave up to him. 

Dr. Ishani visits Dr. Shashank who ask her to think about Dr. Sid. He said that by doing so she is ruining a good doctor’s life. He further said he have some idea about what he does but at the same time he believes that Dr. Sid has a good heart and above all he will not do anything for his own sake. 

Here, Dr. Sid’s maternal uncle is playing with spirit. He is not in a sane mental state. He is playing with matchbox and spirit. Therefore, Dr. Sid comes and saves him. Later, he told his mom that he is suspended from Sanjivani. 

In hospital, Sanya shows her gratitude to Dr. Ishani and asks her of Dr. Sid. Dr. Ishani says that she will tell Dr. Sid. 

Simultaneously, Dr. Sid’s mom asks him about Dr. Ishani and how he got suspended. Although, he decides to give resignation in Sanjivani but his mom says otherwise. She said that if his uncle would have gotten treatment at right time, he would have been normal. Dr. Sid is hope of his mom. 

All junior doctors nevertheless asks Dr. Ishani to give a second thought to her decision because Dr. Sid wouldn’t have tried his methods, Sanya wouldn’t be alive. Hence, Dr. Ishani is in dilemma and remembers of what everybody has suggested and how much Dr. Sid was firm on treating Sanya. 

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