The most awaited show Sanjivani 2 which is a sequel of same name is starting from today on Star Plus. The show is coming back after 17 years and deserves every hype which has been created. 

Today episode will be an introductory episodes of the characters which will create the basis of this iconic show. The episode starts with Dr. Sid who saves a little boy with limited means from drowning. Since, Sanjivani management wouldn’t have ready to send chopper , he lied that he saved the drowning son of Home Minister. When asked, he conveniently reply to his mate, “Iss duniya mein paisa amiron ko bachata hai aur gareebo ko jugad.”

While, on the other side Dr. Ishani joined as resident doctor today. She collides with Dr. Sid and they fight. Though, she notices some sugar low in Dr. Sid as a doctor and offered him chocolate without the knowledge that he himself is a doctor. 

Later, she met Dr. Asha who is from Haryana (from her accent) who too joined today. And, together they go for orientation of Dr. Shashank. 

Dr. Shashank enters in Sanjivani but had some problem. He was interrupted by Dr. Vardhan. They converse about Dr. Shashank leaving the post soon but not Sanjivani. 

In orientation, Dr. Shashank welcomes every new doctor in hospital. While Dr. Sid, instead of attending his orientation prepares the boy for surgery. He says that instead of attending orientation for the third time, its better to some one’s life. Dr. Anjali was upset because her father Dr. Shashank didn’t take her name for next one to replace him. 

Some secret with Dr. Ishani’s surname as she is reluctant in disclosing it. It’s her birthday and got a call from someone known. But, the person didn’t wish her as she expected. Later, when Dr. Asha wishes her, she got teary. 

Dr. Sid is confronted by Dr Vardhan saying that unless the boy’s family didn’t pay for operation, he cannot be treated. Dr. Sid said he’ll pay and get treatment in Sanjivani only. Later, Dr. Sid meets Natasha in visitor room. Meanwhile, Dr. Ishani stabilizes the boy who is under Dr. Sid’s treatment. 

While going for reporting she overhears the conversation how Dr. Sid is luring upcoming Bollywood actress for cosmetic surgery and asks 2,00,000 lakhs as commission. 

They both fight as Dr. Ishani warns him that she will expose him which Dr. Sid ignores. 

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