In the upcoming episode of Sanjivani the turmoil of Dr. Ishani surfaced clearly when Navratan brings Dr. Sid back home after saving him from organ racket. Dr. Ishani is not ready to be near Dr. Sid despite of her realizing her fault in transferring Dr. Sid’s case to a hospital when organ racket was active. 

Meantime, some neighborhood guests arrived to meet couple N.V. Singh and Dr. Ishani. They ask them to sort of remarry and as a ritual NV has to put bindi on Dr. Ishani and put Mangalsutra around her neck. With Dr. Sid in front of her eyes, Dr. Ishani feels restless. She runs away the sooner NV tries to put Mangalsutra around her neck.  

Will Dr. Ishani be ever able to forgive Dr. Sid? Despite of hating him so much, why she is not ready to accept her marriage or are NV and Dr. Ishani really married? How and why Dr. Sid is in coma?

Makers has presented an intriguing plot after leap which has left viewers hanging with their thoughts. There are many mysteries which are to be unfold and how the story will shape up once Dr. Sid is out of coma. For now, fans are waiting to see their old SidIsha back. Are makers listening?

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