In the upcoming episode the viewers will witness Roshni teaming up with Farah, Chotu and Bazigar to reveal the real truth of Aaliya that she is Haiwana to Aman. She with a plan calls Aaliya snake Zeher outside and Bazigar traps him in his claws. Aaliya runs behind Baazigar and rescues her Zeher from Bazigar trap. While she was doing that, Roshni and Chotu makes video but Aaliya sees them. Zeher eats the camera and attacks Chotu despite of Roshni using her powers of Aayana. Later, Aman saves Roshni and Chotu from an accident while they were lying on road. 

Meantime, Parveen was attacked by concentric circles of fire but Aman saves her as he is Jinnad ka Baadshah. Parveen first time felt the emotion towards her child because she is human now. She goes to Tabizi and tell her what Jinn said to her. Tabizi said he can’t do anything because Aman is Jinnad ka Baadshah but Parveen said he is not in full mode because he still have love in his heart.  Angel voiceover says that war is on. Parveen says she will save his child Aman at any cost. Aaliya says she will terminate Roshni by any means. Roshni says Aaliya truth will be revealed. 

Upcoming is Roshni attacks on Aaliya with her Aayana clips. Aman is shocked and checks her. He declared her dead and asks Roshni why she killed Aaliya, she was innocent. She has taken life of Aamir’s mother. Roshni in her defence says that Aaliya was attacking her. 

What will happen next? Is Aaliya really dead or is this conspiracy of Aaliya or Parveen or both? Will Aman trust Roshni? Will Roshni able to prove herself innocent?

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