In the coming episode viewers will get to see MishBir life is in danger in their sangeet ceremony.

Abir fights with Meenakshi for ill treating Mishti and trying to get rid of her at any cost. This bring tears to her. Later, when he reaches to apologize thinking that he was hard on her, he overhears her conversion on phone with someone.  He thinks she is plotting something again and leaves her by saying she can’t do anything now. Kunal asks Payal that whatever Abir has done to his mother, was it justifiable. Payal takes side of Abir saying that Abir should protect his would be wife.

Later, in sangeet ceremony when everyone is dancing and and enjoying, chandelier was about to fall on them. Abir tries to save Mishti. 

Will Abir able to save Mishti or some shock is waiting for viewers? What Meenakshi is planning?

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