In the upcoming episode of star plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Parul will request Nidhi not to say anything that might offend Jasmeet. Nidhi will retort to Parul not to think of herself as Meenakshi. Parul will request Ketki to give shagun to the bride family on behalf of Meenakshi.

Kunal and Abir will disguise themselves as woman and Jugnu will tell Parul that Kuhu sent them to help in wedding. Kunal will complain to Abir about his idea while Abir encourage him.

Mishti will search the room for Kuhu’s court notice thinking some client must have filed a case against her. She will find the notice but Rajshri will take her downstairs.

Abir and Kunal will dance in Maheshwari house hiding their faces in gujarat. Abir will apply Haldi to Mishti after showing his face to her. Kunal will take Kuhu outside while Abir will romance Mishti in the washroom.

Jugnu will hel in pulling the curtains from above Kuhu were the flowers fall on her. Kuhu and Kunal as well as Mishti and Abir romance eachother. Kuhu will ask Kunal that he had told he won’t come. Kunal will tell her that if he still didn’t come it would be too late. Mishti will come outside and try to open envelope. She will collide with Mishti and envelope fall down.

Seeing Kuhu name Jasmeet scold Mishti and open it. She will be shocked to see the divorce papers and rum inside to tell everyone. Varsha will hear Mishti telling Kuhu that she had no idea that these were divorce papers and she only wanted to help. Varsha will cry in disbelief. Kuhu will slap Mishti in anger.

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