In the upcoming episode of star plus popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, Mishti will accept in front of family she love Abir. She tell Nishant she was ready to marry him but sensing Abir could be danger she couldn’t stop herself as she realized she is nothing without Abir.

Mishti apologize to her family as they might see it as a betrayal. She will tell them she will leave as she don’t deserve this family. Nishant tell her its him who has to go. Abir will stop him and Nishant taunt Abir that he finally won and as he said it is his and Mishti’s story while he was just a part.

Guilt ridden Nishant say that Abir would have lost his life in an accident and confess that instead of helping he came home and rushed everyone for wedding. Abir will support him that he didn’t know swimming. Nishant will smile at him and say that he is the real hero and a better person for Mishti.

Mishti will ask Nishant not to go. He will tell her he fell in love with her and cant see her marrying someone else. He will cheer Jasmeet to attend Mishti and Abir wedding happily. Kuhu will go in the car with Nishant.

Meenakshi will take Mishti inside temple. She will tell everyone that she had never liked Mishti and had done legal and illegal things to stop her from being part of her son life.

She will tell Abir she did only to protect her family and had no other selfish reason. In front of God she tell Maheshwari’s that she want Mishti as her daughter in law and will keep her happy. She further ask for their forgiveness.

Kuhu will be angry with Mishti for hurting Nishant and her family. Later Kunal will tell Kuhu he want to help her in all wedding preparation for Mishti and Abir wedding and promise to never hurt or complain.

Kuhu will be annoyed that everything is once again about Mishti. Vishamber will ask Mishti if she really want to be Meenakshi’s daughter-in-law, as he don’t trust her. Mishti look on.

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