In  the upcoming episode viewers will watch Roshni called from a telephone booth to Tabeezi as her life is in danger. Tabeezi tells her to Aman who immediately leaves house to save her. Meanwhile, Tabeezi prepares a powder to manage Jehrilas away. 

Aman reaches the place and saves Roshni. He lifts the telephone booth in air and manages to put all Jenrilas away. Then, Roshni falls in arms of Aman and they come home. They both remember the moment when Aman threw Roshni out. Surrounded by Jehrilas, Aman again lifts Roshni in his arms and come inside house but Jenrilas surround them but soon vanishes into thin air. Everybody hugs and welsome Roshni except Aman. 

Kabir calls Aman to inform that Parveen is in his capture. Roshni informs that everyone in hospital has turned into Jehrila. Aman asks him what she was doing in hospital. Roshni makes an excuse. They both come down to hospital and Aman dodges all Jehrilas and captures them into a room while Roshi deals with Kabir and runs with Parveen. 

Upcoming is Roshni and Aman together fighting with Kabir.