In upcoming episode Aman gets late reaching to hospital for Parveen because of Roshni. She was celebrating her bakery opening in middle of road and Aman got stuck into it. Parveen gets shifted to ICU and Aman can not see her. 

Angry Aman blames Roshni for getting late and comes back to destroy bakery. He orders Baazigar who refuse to do it. Enraged Aman bombed the bakery. However, Roshni goes to hospital to check Parveen and discovers her failing health condition. 

Ilmi Jinn informs Tabizi about a cat’s eye on Aman as a danger sign on Aman.

Roshni gets shattered when she sees her bakery getting destroyed which Aman felt but will not help. 

Upcoming is Aman tries to crack a deal with Roshni by offering her a job with his company. Roshni will tear the paper rejecting his offer. She says he can break her heart but not her self-respect.