In upcoming episode Roshni will donate one kidney to Parveen to save her life. Aman shows gratitude towards donor ignorant about the fact that the donor is Roshni. 

Meanwhile, Kabir as cat steals his heart from Tabeezi and given to Jehral which makes him Jehral and more dangerous than before. Tabeezi discovers that and saves Salma. 

Kabir turns everybody in hospital as Jehral and they were trying to kill Roshni walking like zombies. 

Aman and family returns home but discovers that every servant has turned into Jehral. He made a safety wall around him and his family with help of Baazigar. Later, Tabeezi and Salma too joined them who goes to warn Aman. 

Roshni on other hand faces a grave danger as whole hospital is behind her. 

Upcoming is Tabeezi informs Aman that Roshni’s life in danger. Roshni is hanging from a board while all Jehral are on ground trying to reach to her.