In the upcoming episode Aaliya plays tricks again with Aman. When Aman asks her why she betrays him and why she tries to separate Roshan. Aaliya says because her son’s life is in danger that is why she lies because she doesn’t know how they will react. Also she loves him still and so she wanted to separate Roshan. 

 Aman and Dadi decides to give half of property to Kabir’s son who is renamed as AAmir now. This irks Roshni. Angel, beside fountain says that no one can see evil intentions of Aaliya because she is Haiwana and are masters in taking control. Only, Aayana can see their true intentions and she herself. But, she is trapped in a Chirag in this house. 

Later, when Aman tries to cheer her up, sht hium e argues about Aaliya’s intentions. Aman says he can’t let baby go and he is responsible for his future. Also, Aaliya has asked for forgiveness. Roshni tells him the true identity of Aaliya but he ignores thinking that she is exaggerating again. Roshni promises to prove this too like she has proved Aaliya wrong. 

Chotu was playing outside when angel statue blink at him several times. But when Roshani comes, she didn’t. Chotu tells this to Roshni. 

Kala Jinn comes to Parveen and warns her to take his kid Aman again tonight. Parveen said she is unaffected by it s she tries to kill both of her sons and killed one. Kala Jinn said she was Sifrati Jinn at that moment and now she is human who loves their kids more than their life. 

Upcoming is Parveen in circle of fire. Aman jumps inside circle in order to save her. 

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