In upcoming episode Aman saves Roshni who locks herself inside a bathroom to save herself from Mallika’s brother. Aman beats him but didn’t show to Roshni. Roshni thinks Imran saves her. Aman breaks the deal with Mallika.

Roshni comes home and Salma asks her about working with Aman. She agrees. Tabizi asks her about a black cat around Aman. Roshni denies.  

Roshni demands of 20,000 Rupees cheque which he gives. Later, Roshni and Aman both are worried about kidney. Aman is searching for a doner while Roshni is finding out whether her kidney matches with her Ammi who is bedridden. 

Angel says that everybody thinks that Chotu is on a school trip but he is locked up beneath fountain in a dark place. Angel tries to show him path by putting some light around stairs. 

Next day, Roshni came to know what Aman did for her but when she asks Aman said it was a professional decision. Aman threw all the papers in air since it was not stapled. While collecting papers they come close and were about to kiss but got disturbed. 

Later, Aman leaves with a stapled paper in his tie which Roshni did by mistake. 

Upcoming is Tabizi says to Roshni that if she wants to save Aman’s life, she has to be around Aman. Roshni thinking about past at the entry gate.