In the upcoming episode Aman tells Roshni that if she has to blame Aaliya then she should come with a proof. Roshni asks help from Tabizi to prove that Aaliya is Haiwana. Parveen overheard their conversation and knows about Aaliya. Meanwhile, it was decided to do a naming ceremony for baby. 

Whole family is looking at childhood photos of family members and parveen hides her photo with Kabir in which he looks exactly like Kabir. Roshni manages take a hair strand of baby when she was looking after him. She and Farah wants to check for the DNA of baby through a method of Tabizi which is through a feather. Feather is supposed to take them to the father of baby.  Feather takes them to Aman who is standing with Parveen at that moment. They are mistaken that Aman is the father. 

However, in the upcoming episode Roshni will once again accuse Aaliya and says that the Baby’s father is not Aman but Kabir and she provides the proof too. Meantime, baby started crying very loudly and grabs everyone attention and shocks everyone. 

What will happen next? Shall Roshni able to solve the Aaliya’s mystery? Will Aman believe Roshni that she is not imagining things?  or Will Aaliya separate RoshAn with help of Parveen? 

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