In upcoming episode Kabir attacks Aman and Roshni when they are leaving after Aman saving Roshni’s dignity. He entered into one the boys and attacks Aman. Finally, his poisoned nails enters into Aman’s back who is trying to save Roshni. 

Roshni trying to save Aman but his wound is not getting healed. So, she stayed with him all night. They got emotional and Aman in an emotional burst out says how he missed Roshni and how he has never forgotten her. They sleep whole night side by side but in morning Roshni gets a call about failing Salma’s health and she checks whether Aman is healed or not. When she felt that he is alright she leaves immediately without telling him. 

On other side, Chotu rub the lamp and Locha angel appears. Angel’s voiceover says that Chotu has freed wrong angel and not her. Locha angel fails to help Chotu. 

Aman gets up and remembers how he get close to Roshni last night. Angel voiceover doubts for more misunderstanding between them.