Kahan Hum Kahan Tum is going through major drama phase. In the show, the fashion show is going on which has Pooja Sippy and  Pranati Rastogi as contestants.

Till now, what has happened in this track is that Sumit Khanna, Sonakshi’s co-star has blackmailed one of the crew members of the fanshion show to alter Pranati’s dress which can cause a wardrobe malfunction. His sole purpose is to embarrass Sonakshi in front of everyone with this tactic.

We saw that after Sonakshi’s performance she comes and takes her seat. She apologizes to Rohit for her behaviour. With Preeti sitting between them, he talks through her to Sonakshi and their banter starts.

Later, Top 5 are called for Q&A round. In the end,   Sonakshi’s ex, Karan’s girlfriend, Dolly D’souza, Pranati Rastogi and Pooja Sippy are shortlisted as the finalists.

Here, while going for a change, Pranati notices a stain on her dress and gets tensed. Just then she notices Pooja’s dress and without thinking swaps it with her own changing the name tags. But Dolly sees everything.

Further, Pooja comes in and picks up the dress with her name tag and leaves to change.

Later, all the three beauties shimmering in their blue gowns light up the stage. Rohit and Sonakshi cheer for their respective siblings, Pooja and Pranati.

But while walking the final walk, the mishap happens and Pooja’s dress tears leaving Pooja and everyone else shocked.

Sonakshi is the first one to react. She jumps to hug Pooja from the audience. Nishi comes and they take her off the stage. Sippys try to pacify Pooja and are worried.

Here, the judges declare Pranati as the winner. Despite winning, Pranati doesn’t look too estatic. Sonakshi is worried for Pooja and goes to meet her cutting the family photo session short. Rohit thanks her for the help on stage but doesn’t allow her to meet Pooja.

While Sippys are trying to pacify Pooja, Pooja blames Sonakshi for the whole mishap. She tells how she saw her tampering with her dress.

When Sonakshi tries again to meet Pooja, Rohit comes and blasts in anger on her. He is diagusted and tells her he can’t believe she could go so low to make her sister win. Sonakshi is shocked.

Now in the upcoming episode, you will see that Rohit will hold Sonakshi accountable for Pooja’s wardrobe malfunction and will threaten her to unmask her in front of the world.

 Here, Naren will get enraged and in fit of anger Naren will slap Pooja. Here, Pari will confess in front of Sonakshi that her dress had a stain so she changed it with Pooja’s dressed. Her confession will scare Sonakshi.

Pheww! Looks like a lot of drama is coming up! It will be interesting to see what happens to Rohit and Sonakshi’s friendship after all this. We are so in for this roller coaster ride! Are you too? Do tell us!