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The episode starts with everyone in the court room being worried and Ahana says bombs are fitted all around. She tells how she already knew Shalini was just faking to be a ghost and they started their new plan on Ganesh Chaturthi. Yohan tells that the bombs fitted in there are new bombs from Nanda industry. SK sir asks him about the work mechanism. He says they get activated by human movement and there is gap of 5 seconds between next bomb getting activated.

Ahana says Veera will leave the country soon. Sk sir tries to call someone but she says jammer is already activated and no one’s phone are going to work anymore. Yohan says he will go and sacrifice his life. Within 5 seconds Sk sir can go and save everyone. Sejal pleads him not to go. But Yohan is persistent as lots of lives are at risk. Yohan is going towards the gate but SK sir pushes him aside and goes first. Sejal also jumps outside the room behind him. Sk sir tells Sejal he is proud of her and sacrifices his life for the country.

All the moments between Sk sir and Sejal since her childhood to becoming a trained spy are shown. Sejal is determined to destroy Veera Nanda. Veera loads all the weapons in truck and says to Arbaaz that she will leave the country with all of those. Sejal informs Harsh to send bomb squad at court. He tells her not to take any dangerous step and wait till he reaches. Sejal prays to goddess durga for help and follows Veera’s car. Because of crowd with Durga’s idol Veera’s car cannot move further. She steps out in anger.

Sejal gets hold of Veera and warns her men to drop all their weapons. Arbaaz attacks Sejal and makes her fall unconscious. Harsh is calling Sejal but when she doesn’t pick up he understands something is wrong. Sejal prays for help. The sindoor kept infront of idol flies and enters both Veera and Arbaaz’s eyes. Sejal gets up and points gun at Veera again. Both of them start having a fight and Veera gets stabbed by Maata Rani’s trishul dying on the spot. Harsh comes there and shoots on Arbaaz’s hand to stop him from attacking Sejal.

Sejal is awarded with bravery medal for killing Veera and getting terrorists like Ahana and Arbaaz arrested. Nandas share a lovely moment as Sejal gives a beautiful speech. Her water breaks and she is rushed to hospital. Sejal gives birth to a lovely baby girl. Yohan tells her they will make their hitchki spy just like both of them. Sejal questions when did he become spy. He says Tanhaji has offered him to train as spy. Sejal gets very excited. Yohan says that if they should start their next mission together and shows an address to her. The show ends with them happily saying Spy Family reporting.

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Spy Bahu 29th September 2022 Written Update: