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The episode starts with the waitress telling Alisha that she is confused because Mrs. Nanda has already taken the keys and she is sitting with the Shah’s. Yohan greets Mr. and Mrs. Shah and they tell him that they have a surprise for him. Yohan is surprised to see Sejal with them. Mr. Shah tells Yohan he is newly married and it wasn’t fair for him to stay away from his wife because of their deal. Flashback shows SK telling Sejal to use the Shah’s and keep an eye on Yohan in Mumbai. Avishek walks around the hotel and reaches the CCTV room and makes an excuse that he came there looking for his friend. Mr. Shah tells he hates three things fraud,lie and alcohol and he glad Yohan doesn’t have any of those.

Mr. Shah tells his wife her plan to give Yohan and Sejal a surprise was really nice. Mrs. Shah tells she has booked a suite for them. Yohan introduces Drishti and Avishek to the Shah’s and they invite everyone for lunch. Mrs. Shah takes Sejal and Yohan to the suite which she has booked for them and it’s decorated beautifully with roses and candles. Waitress comes with welcome drinks for the couple. Flashback shows Alisha mixing something in the drinks. Yohan asks Sejal why did she come here? Sejal tells she came here to save the deal.

Yohan tells if the Shah’s find out the truth about your fakeness they will break the deal. Yohan tells Sejal that she is taking so much advantage of him so even he should get something from her and moves towards Sejal. Sejal trips and hurts her legs from a broken glass. Yohan gets worried and rushes to find first-aid. Yohan tells Sejal he wasn’t about to do anything he was just scaring her,he tells he doesn’t take advantage of anyone and does Sejal’s bandaid.

Yohan tells Sejal it’s just a small cut and will heal soon and tells Sejal to stay away from the broken glass. Sejal wonders how could someone who care so much about her take so many lives. Mrs. Shah finds Alisha going after Yohan and tells her to leave her brother and sister-in-law alone sometimes. Mrs. Shah thinks she has seen a lot of girls like her and tells the waitress to mix something in Alisha’s drinks.

Avishek tells on phone he has spread the false news of attack on gateway of India and no one has idea that the real attack will take place in this hotel Chapel. Avishek tells Drishti he will be late for the lunch. Drishti tells Avishek she is scared that she might loose him and be alone. Avishek thinks today either she will loose him or die herself although she is a very good girl but big missions ask for big sacrifices. Drishti tells Avishek they will build a room for their kids after returning home. Avishek gets emotional and leaves.

Sejal tells SK she has kept an eye on Yohan but he hasn’t made any move yet. Avishek tells he will spread rumours about attack at several other places to misguide the police. SK tells Sejal not to ignore anything and be alert. Sejal thinks about the shooting at her house and tells SK that she lost her family years ago in one such attack and she is scared what if she fails. SK tells Sejal she cannot fail today and she will stop the terrorist for her parents today. Avishek tells mission azaadi will start soon. Sejal tells today none of the terrorists would be successful in their mission. The episode ends with the terrorists entering the hotel dressed as waiters.

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Spy Bahu 2nd June 2022 Written Update: Sejal’s family leave Delhi.