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Colors TV show Spy Bahu is finally on track to making it’s name come true as Sejal enters Nanda house dressed as a bride. Sejal had Yohan kidnapped to take revenge for her brother Farid’s death but she lets him go. Alisha is excited to marry the love of her life Yohan but will her dreams be fulfilled? Will Yohan accept Sejal as his wife?

Sejal entered dressed as a bride and pictures of her marrying Yohan displayed on screen. Sejal introduced herself as Yohan’s wife. Yohan told why would he marry her and asked Sejal when did they marry? Flashback showed Sejal bringing Yohan to temple and told SK and Tanhaji she knew they wouldn’t have let her work on this plan. Tanhaji told he would have allowed her. SK told Sejal that after marriage the society won’t let her forget that she married a terrorist. Sejal recalled Yohan persuading Farid. Sejal prayed to Ambe Maa to show her the right way. Wind blew and sindoor falls on Sejal’s head. Sejal told till now she was just a spy but now it is time for her to become a Spy Bahu to complete her mission.

Sejal told Yohan we married last night. Sejal told Arun today I want to tell you the truth we never realized when we fell in love. Yohan denied and called everything a lie. Sejal told Yohan hired me back, kept me close me to himself. Sejal told Alisha you are the first person to notice the love brewing between us. Sejal told why would Yohan save a servant? Yohan told he did all this for humanity and asked Sejal why is she doing all this,what does she need? Sejal told Yohan if he is telling the truth than prove that last night he was not with her. Arun slapped Yohan and told this girl is not lying you are lying. Alisha lost her calm and breaks the thing around mandap. Alisha picked up Yohan’s sword and told today we will be one. Alisha attacked Sejal but Yohan holds the sword and blood from his hand fills Sejal’s maang.

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