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Colors TV show Spy Bahu is now showing how Sejal has to fight against Ahana’s games to save Yohan. With medical evidence being manipulated, will she be able to prove Yohan hasn’t misbehaved with Ahana?

In the previous episode Shalini told about how Veera had shot her but Sejal and Yohan saved her on time. Drishti said Veera had tried to kill her too. Sk sir came there with police and congratulated Sejal for completing her mission as Paro and getting most wanted terrorist arrested. Police came with arrest warrant for Yohan Nanda. They said he had been accused of rape charges by Mahira.

Yohan said about how he remembered only about Ahana mixing his soup with something due to which ge fell unconscious and after that everything went blank. Ahana acted like victim. At police station Sejal questioned police inspector if they know about Ahana faking her identity. He told she had already told them everything. Sejal thought now only medical reports can help to save Yohan while Yohan was shown helplessly sitting in the prison.

In the upcoming episodes police will inform that medical reports shows that Yohan had abused Ahana. Arun will inform Sejal that their lawyer backed out last moment and lawyer hired by Ahana is very strong who has never lost any case.

Who will help Sejal?

How will Yohan be finally saved?

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