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The episode starts with Veer taunting Alia seeing her smile. She asks him not to create scene in front of people. Veer says that she has made a spectacle of his life and shouts asking whether he is a joke.

Meanwhile, Sarang has gathered all the employees and asks four minutes to all so that he can show them their talent.

On the other hand, Alia asks Veer to stop but he grabs her elbow and starts bashing her. At the same time, Sarang starts reciting his poem but an employee interrupts him saying that it’s the same forwarded message for which Manju has been fired. Veer yells at Alia calling her a bad person like her mother. He affirms that she cannot be a good wife neither a good mother at all. He says that he has a partner who will support him throughout but she will remain alone. Everyone at office calls Sarang a thief and cheater and walks away. Alia sits in her car with teary eyes.

Alia and Sarang get into their respective houses. Both have them are feeling terrible. Sarang controls his tears in front of Ramesh. Alia remembers a childhood memory when her parents were arguing. She covers herself with blanket and cries.

Sarang and Ramesh stan in the balcony. Sarang complains because his father used to laugh at him for now but today the whole office was laughing at him. Ramesh makes him understand that it isn’t easy to become famous as soon as he steps into Mumbai. He suggests him not to leave the job.

The next day, the news of Veer and Alia’s fight video gets viral. At office, everyone discusses about it. The receptionist stops them from gossiping about Alia’s personal life when they know nothing about it but they all keep blaming Alia for what happened. The receptionist points out their cheap thinking. Mala reminds how Alia fired Manju which proves how unemotional Alia is. Sarang witnesses everything silently.

The receptionist calls Nandini and assures her that she will take care of her daughter. She sees an employee Riya on call and reminds her that phone isn’t allowed while working. Riya ignores her since she is sure that Alia won’t come but just then Alia enters the office. Everyone hides the newspapers they were reading and shuts their phones. Rahul goes to Alia and mistakenly bumps into some boxes under which there was a newspaper.

Alia looks at the newspaper and then wraps a box with it saying that newspaper is an ethic choice for wrapping, a sustainable one. She says that they will give free wrapping to the clients who will choose newspaper. She asks Rahul to update the website and then goes inside her cabin. Everyone concludes that she is fine and hasn’t been much affected since her work is more important than her family for her and in fact she is also smiling. Sarang looks at Alia and understands that not her heart but her trust has been broken.

Alia remembers a memory from childhood. Flashback starts. Little Alia sees pictures of her parents on newspaper and tells it to her caretaker. She asks what d-i-v-o-r-c-e means. Flashback ends. Sarang stares at Alia. Chotelaal comes out from her cabin and gestures to Sarang that Alia didn’t eat.

Veer’s mother come to Alia’s cabin. They sit together. Veer’s mother says that she is her daughter not daughter-in-law. Alia asks whether Veer has sent her. She replies that she has come herself to meet her. She praises her ring. Alia says that she is busy but Veer’s mother asks her to sit. She tries to make her understand that one mistake is forgettable and Veer must have been trapped by Nitya. She suggests family planning but Alia says that two people who cannot handle their relation would not be able to handle a whole family. Veer’s mother says that she should focus more on her relation than her work. Gautam comes and says that Veer is like her mother. He shows the viral video to Alia.

Episode ends

Precap: Alia tells her family that she wants to have baby through IVF. Sarang talks to the writer and says that he is giving 15 days trial after which he should tell Alia his name and his work. Alia asks Rahul to find a donor like her.