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The episode starts with Alia calling Madhura Times to have information about Sarangdhar but he says that none with such name has worked with them.

After Alia cuts the call, Brij Mohan comes at the office of Madhura Times and asks about his son Lalla. The man replies they know nothing about him anymore but fans write to him. Brij Mohan blames the fans for making Sarang so stubborn. He leaves. An employee asks the man who talked with Brij Mohan what the name of his son is. He replies it is Lalla.

Alia is all dressed up for Mala’s pre wedding function. Mala calls her asking whether she is coming. Alia says that she had promised so she is keeping her word. Mala talks to her about another thing.

Param is at DDS office trying to find a gift to give to Mala when he receives Alia’s call. Alia asks him to approve loan for Mala. Param says that she is going abroad so there is no surety that she will pay it but Alia says that Mala is their employee so they have to make her function, for which Mala asked the loan, special. She asks Param to approve the loan.

Alia is sitting in her car but doesn’t know that Sarang is the driver. Sarang has overheard her conversation with Param and thinks he didn’t know she was so soft from inside. She wears lipstick and jewels while Sarang stares at her from rear-view mirror. “Ek ladki ko dekha” plays.

They reach the venue of the function and Alia learns that whom she thought was her driver is Sarang. The latter reminds her that she asked him to stay with her for three days from breakfast to lunch and dinner so that she can get to know him better. Alia remembers that.

Sarang notices Rahul who is sadly standing outside the venue and goes to him. Rahul hugs him crying and says that he didn’t know his love would remain one sided. Alia comes to him and says that he didn’t cry so much even when the goof up of donor happened. Rahul says that it was a mistake but now his whole life seems a mistake and he feels like ending it. Alia encourages him not to give up. She manages to cheer him up. Sarang is impressed by her way of handling the matter.

Rosy comes and meets Alia and Sarang. She praises the outfit of the latter. Alia compliments him too saying that he is looking good. Sarang says that she is looking more beautiful with tied hair as well. He leaves. Alia opens her hair saying she doesn’t want her compliments.

Kavya is instructing waiters when she sees Sarang walking inside. She gets a little sad seeing Alia next to him. She struggles to pick up a box and Sarang comes to help her. She says that she can manage but he wants to help. He starts a song which Kavya continues but then stops singing. Sarang wants to gather people to hear her but she says next time and leaves.

Mala introduces Ashish, her would be husband, to Alia. Ashish says that he heard a lot about her: she is beauty with brain.

At Madhura, a man reveals the head of Madhura Times that Sarangdhar is Brij Mohan’s son Lalla and he used to write for Madhura Times with the name of Kabira.

Sarang starts singing “Tenu leke”. Everyone dances while Alia stands aside. As soon as he finds Mala alone, Rahul comes to talk with her and says that he loves her. She looks on. Sarang convinces Alia to join the dances assuring her that he will take care of her and their baby. They dance with others. Kavya looks at them. Sarang and Alia share a small eyelock when he protects her putting a hand around her shoulder as someone was about to hit her while dancing.

Alia gets call from the employee of Madhura Times and goes aside to attend it. She asks information about Sarangdhar again but just then Brij Mohan comes and gets the phone from the employee asking her what she wants to know about Sarang. Alia says that she knows he wants him back to Madhura and says that he has an offer for him. She tells him the offer. He accepts. Alia says that it’s time for Sarang to return to Madhura.

Episode ends

Precap: Alia says that Sarang has to go away from her.