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Episode begins with Alia and Sarang coming back to the house and putting their kids to sleep. Alia is taking care of Agastya whereas Kamaleswari gives Sarang suji ka halwa after coming back to home post a walking session in the Mumbai city. The next morning Agastya comes to the school like every usual day. Sarang and his mother are watching Sayuri from a distance and Kamaleswari says she is just a replica of her mother, Alia. Sarang says the same mother doesn’t want her as she had a heart problem. He says I can never think that she can do such a thing ever.

On the other hand, Sarang gets his daughter admitted to the same school. Agastya gets happy to see Sarang and as soon as he comes close, he hugs him. Sayuri gets angry to see this and she immediately says to him that he is my father. She says that if you want to hug then go and hug your own father and stay away from my father. Sarang understands the psychology of Agastya and he scolds Sayuri for being hurtful.

He says to her that it is not a way to talk to someone. Didn’t I tell you that one never should talk to the other in a way that the person feels bad about it. He says to her that you need to apologize to him immediately. She is not ready to say sorry or do a handshake with Agastya but Sarang makes her do this. She finally agrees to do a handshake and says that we are friends from now on. Sarang gets happy and he leaves for his meeting and as soon as he leaves Sayuri says to Agastya that I am just pretending to be your friend in front of my father. From next time do not come close to my father or else I will not spare you.

Alia is getting prepared for her meeting while on the other hand Kamaleswari is speaking about her son being all sad since the time he had a breakup with Alia. She thinks to give a call to Alia but she is in office. She gets a call from the boss for a presentation and she cuts the call seeing it’s an unknown number. Agastya gets a call from Kavya for a meeting whereas Shayuri gets introduced to her new class members and she makes faces seeing Agastya in the same class. Alia is in a meeting and is about to welcome her CEO and she turns to welcome him and she gets shocked to welcome her ex-husband as the new CEO of the company and she really doesn’t understand how to react.

On the other hand, Sarang is going for a meeting but he gets emotional to see the roads and beaches of Mumbai and gets nostalgic. The investor of Alia is asking her if she is shocked to see him here and Alia remembers all those haunting memories about him and stand there all spellbound.