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Episode begins with Alia standing with her daughter unknowingly in the hospital cabin. Finally, Sayuri gets her heartbeat back and she gets excited. Sarang gets to hear that from outside of the cabin and he gets a sigh of relief to hear the sound of the heartbeat. Alia says to Sayuri soon you will be fine and she left slowly after she is fully fine and asks her to take care. She leaves and Sayuri thanks her.

The doctor says to Sarang that Sayuri’s heart is weak and they have to go for transplant operation and no other option is left for them. He says my daughter is too minor for such a major operation, doctor says to him that there are other ways apart from this but those are not even reliable enough. And heart is one such thing which have to work from the day we born to the day we will die and it cannot stop even for one second so we have to go for something which has the longibility in this case. The doctor says to Sarang that for the operation the first and foremost thing we need is the increase in weight of your daughter. So I am writing some vitamins supplements and a diet follow that and then we will check her weight and after that we will go for this operation but you don’t need to worry about it.

The doctor says please keep donors handy during the operation in this case as we may be need a lot of blood. He says I will arrange everything for my daughter. On the other hand, Agastya comes home while Alia is thinkig about the small kid in the hospital. Sarang gets reminded of Alia and he goes out of the hospital.

Sayuri says to Agastya later on that due to her a guy in the school hot bullied and upset so she will give him a new maths book so that she will no need to say sorry but hear work will be done too. Sarang says what you did is wrong but what you are trying to do now is absolutely correct. Alia gets to know from agastya about the incident in the school but she gets happy to see that agastya is talking about fight back on his own and she says to him that she is proud of him for this fighting spirit.

The next day Sarang comes to the cafe of Kavya and Kavya approaches him for becoming her partner for life and get make their collaboration into a proper relationship but Sarang declined straightly and then he gets busy to have a chat with Alia indirectly through the parenting app. He says to Alia that you bought smile on my face without being here physically and I am feeling good right now. Agastya and Sayuri sits together in the school and are trying to become friends. She finally gives Agastya the maths book as a gift without telling him that it was she who is giving it. Agastya things it is from that classmate who always bully him.

Precap – Sayuri and Agastya had a guardian call and Sarang is waiting for Alia in the school for the meeting.