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Sarang tells Alia that he would have never come to Madhura even if he was paid lakhs but he came just for her.
Then, Sarang comes to know that her mother is in the temple and goes there. He looks at Kamleshwari, who is praying, from behind and gets emotional. “Maai teri chunariya” plays. He sends a kid to get her blessings and then feels like she has given the blessing to him.

Kusum notices him but, before she can approach him, she gets a call from Brij Mohan. Sarang hides on time.
Kusum tells Kamleshwari that Sarang has come back but Kamleshwari tells her that he is in Mumbai and she has talked to him last night only. Kamleshwari calls Sarang but ringtone is heard near them. Sarang walks away on time. Kamleshwari tells Kusum that she might have not slept well last night and is seeing Sarang everywhere. She gives her some money as blessing. Kusum doesn’t want to accept but she knows she needs it.

Alia is in her room and is guilty for doing all this. She calls Sarang but his phone has switched off. She is scared that he might have escaped. A guy with turban enters the room and talks in Punjabi. Alia recognizes that he is Sarangdhar. He tells her that he got this get up so that none recognize him since he almost got caught previously.

The two go out where Sarang protects Alia from the crows. He finds Madhura different even though it is his hometown. Alia asks for Pandey’s house. Sarang gets scared thinking she is talking about his father but then gets relieved when the address that they get is not their house’s one.

At the same time, Brij Mohan recalls Sarang leaving Madhura after promising to come back with the 70 laakh he has to give him back in English and says that this is Madhura and everything happens according to him only so he will come back with his head bowed down.

Before Alia and Sarang enter the house, Alia stops him and thanks him for always helping her and supporting him throughout the IVF journey, even if she was rude to him sometimes. Sarang says that he would have been Pandey’s Lalla if she hadn’t given him opportunity so she doesn’t need to say thanks to him.

Alia regrets doing wrong with Sarang and says that she forgot her laptop so she asks him to go back to the hotel. He says that laptop won’t be needed but she insists to leave. Just then, some kids dash into Alia who puts her hands on the thaal with red colour they were carrying. She slightly slips and places her hands on the wall of the house leaving red marks there. The door of the house get opened and a sack of rice drops in front of her.

Sarang bows down to put the sack on its place when she hears his mother’s voice and gets stunned. Kamleshwari comes at the door and recognizes Alia Shroff. She sees Sarang who is in turban and fake beard. Brij Mohan comes at the door too and glares at Sarang who is standing still stunned.

Brij Mohan smiles at Alia and Sarang. The latter thinks that he thought none will recognize him from 10 feet but his family will surely recognize him at the distance of one palm. Kamleshwari thinks that Sarang should run. Brij Mohan thinks that Madhura’s every path will lead to him so he cannot think of escaping. Alia is sorry, she tried taking him away but failed.

Brij Mohan welcomes Sarang and Alia inside behaving casually. Alia, Sarang and Kamleshwari think that he didn’t recognize Sarang. Alia thinks they can leave on time before he finds out that he is Sarang. Brij thinks that Sarang will reveal his truth himself. He asks Sarang his name. Kamleshwari starts talking about the movie “naam” and then makes reference of the song that says “yeh galiya yeh chobara yahgan aana na dobara”. Brij Mohan stops her.

Episode ends
Precap: The doctor tells Alia to stay in Madhura for at least three weeks since she cannot travel in this condition.