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Episode begins with Alia and Sarang searching for Elaichi in the city after registering a police complaint at the police
station. They are trying to look around the city to know where she is. After a long time both of them are searching her here and there and finally finds out her. Alia is able to locate her in a market and crowded area. Before Sarang can park the car in a more safe and secure place. She gets down from the car to get hold of Elaichi.

Elaichi goes ahead and Alia is trying to call her from behind and in this process she ends going in the middle of the road. Sarang is continuously asking her not to go further as it can bring danger for her and baby. Suddenly Sarang notices a blue car is coming towards Alia and he tries to make her aware about it but when she looked at the direction of Sarang, The car already came so close to Alia.

Sarang shouts with her name and asks her to see behind but it was too late for Alia to save herself. Elaichi also looks at the direction from where a huge sound came from the middle of the road and Sarang is shocked to see the way things changed for worst for him. He rushes towards Alia and gets shocked to see her lying in the pool of blood. He rescues her from the spot and immediately rushes towards hospital.

Alia is taken inside the ICU as she needs immediate treatment and OT. Sarang is getting emotional and he is watching Alia from the window of the door of the ICU room and says that if anything happens to you then I will not even be alive on this earth.

After sometime, the doctor came out and asks Sarang to decide athing on an urgent basis. She says Alia’s condition is critical and she had excessive blood loss. In such a scenario they will not be able to save the twins most probably and he has to pick one. Sarang says to the doctor without any delay that nothing is more important than Alia for him. He asks doctor to make preparations to save the life of Alia at any cost. Everything else can wait but he will not risk her life for anything.

The doctor comes back and informs Sarang that they will be needing blood and Alia’s blood group is AB negative and it is not available at their blood bank right now and it’s needed on an urgent basis. Sarang feels helpless and he takes out his phone and makes a video appeal for people and demand help for Alia. He is crying badly and by that time, the family members reached the hospital too and Kamaleswari tries to console a vulnerable Sarang. Later, Elaichi comes forward and gets ready to donate blood for Alia. Finally Rabia comes out and informs Sarang that she is out of danger as of now.

Precap – Rabia informs Alia and Sarang that the pregnancy is at high risk now. The chances of miscarriage is on a high level. Sarang comes to meet Alia in the hospital cabin.