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Episode begins with Sarang sitting with Alia in her hospital room and Rabia comes to him and says that you have done a miracle kind of thing because there is a queue of people outside of the hospital who came here to donate blood for Alia. He says I am very much thankful to elaichi for donating blood to Alia. Sarang is very much exhausted after spending the whole night in the hospital and Rabia asks him to go outside and have some coffee to refresh himself. Aliya gains consciousness and the first thing she asks is about her babies.

The doctor says it is not less than a miracle that even after having such a deadly accident and so much blood loss your pregnancy is still alive. She says to Alia that now your pregnancy is at high risk and there is a huge scope of miscarriages and you have to be extra careful about yourself. On the other hand, Sarang’s friend says to Alia that I am happy for her that she has someone who can look after her with so much care and affection. He promises Sarang that neither he will speak about it nor will let anyone else come to know about it.

Alia asks Rabia not to tell Sarang about this health condition as she has seen his family condition so closely. The need to make recognition for himself is so damn important to him and I totally understand that. He really takes care of me so much and even now if he got to know about my health conditions then he will leave everything else aside and will take care of me. Because he loves me and cares for me so much.

Rabia says he is the father of the child and he has every right to know about everything. Alia says I know but I cannot be so selfish that I let him ignore his career and let him invest his time behind me and my health. Sarang comes there and asks what you people are trying to hide from me? Alia somehow manages the situation and tells a lie to him.

Aliya comes back home and while sleeping in the night she gets nightmares about her babies and gets up from sleep with so much anxiety. Sarang comes to her with a plate of breakfast and asks her to have it right now and spend some time with her and says I am writing a graphic novel on my kids. Alia goes to take regular hemoglobin injection shots so that her blood level remains intact. Sarang asks his family members to shift in his house from Alia’s flat.

He goes to meet Kavya with his mother and Kavya comes to know about Alia being pregnant with the child of Sarangdhar. Alia meets Kusum and her husband in her office and she gets impressed with the ideas of Kusum and her talent. Later on, Buaji and Elaichi fetched a plan to get back in the house of Alia to break the marriage. Unfortunately Aliya steps inside their plan and agrees to keep bua ji in her flat.

Precap – Sarang is not happy with Alia giving a job to Kusum. he says that the whole office will come to know that Alia gives job to the sister of Sarang and Alia is feeling unwell and gets worried about her babies.