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The episode starts with Sarang blaming Alia for lying to him by hiding that she is pregnant with twins. He leaves without listening to Alia.

On the other hand, Kusum wonders why Brij Mohan is bearing Alia. Kamleshwari says that he is doing everything with money. Kusum says that Brij seems have changed so she can do whatever she wants too. Kamleshwari says that she lost her opportunity by coming back. Kusum asks what she even did for her dreams. Kamleshwari tells her that she is with her. Alia comes. Kusum leaves bitterly. Alia seeks help from Kamleshwari. Kusum is sure Alia is hiding something.

At night, Kumkum asks Sarang to bring pickle for her from the tree on terrace. Sarang goes. Kumkum exchanges thumbs up with Kamleshwari.

A smile appears on Sarang’s face when he reaches the terrace and finds it all decorated. There is a chit with “sorry” written on it placed on the table. Alia comes and apologizes realizing that she should have told him about twins and promises that she won’t hide anything related to babies now onwards. Sarang forgives her.

The next morning, Munni Devi and Brij talk about Sarang and Elaichi’s marriage. Alia says that they cannot force Sarang to marry someone against his will. Sarang comes and says that she is right but he is ready to marry Elaichi by his own will. Sarang and Elaichi takes blessings from family.

Kamleshwari takes Sarang aside and asks him what he is doing since he himself confessed that he loves Alia. He reveals that it is a plan and Elaichi is helping him. He remembers Elaichi telling him that Alia likes him for sure but she hasn’t realized it and, even though she came to Madhura to marry him, she is smart enough to understand that he shouldn’t come between someone’s love story. Sarang tells Kamleshwari that this is a way to make Alia realize and confess. Kamleshwari gets happy learning that and congratulates with him. The one who doesn’t seem happy is Alia who turns her back towards Sarang.

Later, when Sarang’s friend comes and he talks to him happily about Elaichi, Alia gets jealous and tells him that they have a meeting right now. She drags him to the terrace and is upset with him since he didn’t tell her about the marriage. She says that Elaichi is not his type. Sarang snaps that she seems perfect for him. Alia doesn’t agree and says that he seems to be ignoring her since morning so she decides not to tell him what she had to tell him as well and leaves. Sarang is glad that the arrow has hit the target.

Kamleshwari notices Kumkum seems very happy. Kusum thinks she learnt about her pregnancy but Kamleshwari talks about how Sarang and Alia fell in love with each other.

At night, Alia has a nightmare in which she sees Sarang and Elaichi together. She tries stopping Elaichi when she is about to feed Sarang but gets electric shock. Alia wakes up. Kamleshwari and Kumkum come there and Alia asks to meet Sarang immediately. Kamleshwari pulls her leg.

Episode ends

Precap: Alia overhears Elaichi telling Munni Devi that she is just pretending to unite Alia and Sarang. Alia tells Rabia that Sarang is pretending to be marrying Elaichi just to make her jealous. Rabia suggests her to confess her feelings. Alia agrees.