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Episode begins with Sarang checking the SMS from the phone of Kavya. As soon as he notices the message, he gets disturbed. Kavya comes and sees that Sarang already notices the name of DDS and she starts to panic that what if he again meets with Alia. She is just trying to avoid the topic and says that I have seen you struggling to get over from that heartbreak and I can never force you back in the same place hence I will not accept the offer of DDS at all.

Sarang says that I am Azad Roy but why does Alia want to meet me now? She says she doesn’t know that you are Azad Roy, she just wants to collaborate with you regarding the comics that you wrote for kids. Sarang says to Kavya that you please say no to them because I am not interested. However in the back of his mind he starts to think about Alia and he realises that no matter what in this six year he hasn’t moved on at all from her.

He comes back home at night and is remembering their old times when Alia sent a proposal mail to Sarang again and this time it was with an audio message with a video presentation. Sarang gets a different kind of feeling in his body after hearing the voice of Alia in that clip. Kavya is trying to manipulate Sarang not to go to the office of DDS again. Sarang says to her that I deleted the mail. Please reply to them that I am not interested. Kavya does the same and Alia gets upset that she has to think of something else now.

Kamleshwari is trying her best to bring Alia and Sarang face to face again but somehow she is not able to contact her at all. Sayuri gets an idea to trouble Agastya in the school after having a chat with Sarang. She tries to bully him in front of everyone and he gives in at first but later he tries to win back his fear.

However in between all days the teacher got involved in their silly fights and as a result they are taken to the principal room for a session. The principal notices that they are arguing with each other a lot and she says to them that tomorrow morning do come with your parents as I need to talk to them and only then will you be allowed to attend the classes.

Kamleshwari is trying to reach out earlier and she even visited the art gallery of Nandini but unfortunately she couldn’t find anyone there. Alia is trying to find out a different way to approach Azad Roy as he already declined for the previous mail proposal. The employees of DDS are talking about the credibility and potential of Alia. They said that Alia can easily start a new company but at this point of time no one is more important to her then her son Agastya. Alia comes home at night and Agastya informs her about the guardian call while Sarang is also angry with her daughter regarding the same.

Precap – Alia and Sarang had a chat and decided to meet each other in the school.