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The episode starts with Sarang getting a stain on his shirt and walking away to get it cleaned. He stands in front of a fan unbuttoning his shirt. Alia is standing somewhere nearby and looks at him but his face is not visible. She stares at him and can see his smile. She thinks to take his picture and send it to Rahul but then goes to sit inside the cafeteria and thinks to talk with him about being donor once he walks inside. However, she changes her mind when she sees him bashing the friend with whom he had to stay at Mumbai, but he had given him wrong address. Alia thinks that he has all the qualities that she doesn’t want in donor. She rejects him.

Sarang enters inside too. While Alia wonders about the calories in food listed in menu, Sarang is surprised seeing the prices. Kavya comes and says that when they make their own place, they can decide its worth as well. Sarang is touched by her words. After a lot of uncertainty he orders a lemonade and then pens down a poem inspired by Kavya’s words on a tissue paper. Alia orders a black coffee.

Amit walks inside the coffee and goes to sit with Alia. He introduces himself as her school classmate and Dharmesh’s son. Alia recognizes him. He talks about himself and Alia thinks he has all the qualities for a donor but her chain of thoughts is broken when Amit talks about their partnership. She is taken aback hearing about that. He says he wants to marry and have children. She orders two tiramisus.

The waiter gives Alia’s black coffee to Sarang and the latter’s lemonade to the former. Sarang points out the exchange and Kavya exchanges the orders again. The tissue on which Sarang had written the poem goes to Alia. She reads the poem and likes it a lot. She turns around but Sarang has gone to talk with Kavya about participating in her Friday talk show since he is a poet too. She offers him to come the next Friday. He accepts. Alia wishes she had turned earlier and met the person sitting behind since her company needs such writers. Amit asks Alia to go out for a walk. Alia says no and leaves the cafeteria saying that she has a lot of work the next day and must reach office early. She walks past Sarang who turns around feeling something.

The next morning, Faheem tells Sarang that he has sent him the details of the next client: mr and mrs Poonawala have their wedding anniversary and he must write about it. He tells him that this might be a big step in his career. Sarang reminds him about his promise. Faheem says he knows and asks him to focus on this client. Sarang says ok and Faheem leaves.

On the other hand, Rahul is searching for the perfect donor for Alia on a marriage candidates site. His crush sees that and thinks he is searching for a guy for himself. She talks with him saying that love is love even if for boys or girls. He stares at her and says that he has heart and it beats too. She replies that she understands and she can see love in his eyes. Rahul seems happy but hasn’t understood what she actually means.

Later, Alia holds a meeting to decide the perfect gift for mr and mrs Poonawala. Alia rejects many ideas until a dinner date is suggested. Rahul suggests to recreate their first date booking the best Italian chef of Mumbai.

Alia gets a call and goes to attend. It’s Veer. She asks why he is disturbing her. He asks her to meet since they have to talk about divorce. Alia agrees and then goes to sit thinking that Veer is behaving like this because his ego got hurt since she asked for divorce first: people think women are weak but there is nothing weaker than a man’s ego. She thinks about how different Veer and mr Poonawala are.

Sarang searches about mr and mrs Poonawala’s story and finds out that mrs Poonawala handled both family and career and the two escaped for marriage. She finds it beautiful.

Mala calls to know mrs Poonawala’s favourite dishes. She says that they are willing to recreate mr and mrs Poonawala’s first date and also call the best chef. She gets shocked when it’s revealed that the lady on phone is mrs Poonawala. She gets frenetic. Sarang notices it and asks what happened since she is agitated.

After a while, everyone gathers and discuss about what to do. Rahul tries assuring her that they will keep it secret. Sarang asks what if Alia comes to know before from mr Poonawala. Just then Alia comes and asks who told mrs Poonawala about the surprise. She understands it was Mala seeing her crying and says that she is out of project and not fired just because mr Poonawala asked her not to fire her. She asks the team to think about another idea. She walks away. Sarang says that this is a blessing since that idea wasn’t worth of mr and mrs Poonawala. Alia asks who said this. Sarang walks ahead.

Episode ends

Precap: Sarang introduces himself to Alia. She remembers seeing him in cafeteria and arguing with his friend.