Star Bharat popular prime time show Sufiyana Pyaar Mera is set against muslim backdrop and currently the show is all set to perform the pure and pious occasion of Id-ul-fitar.

Generally such grand festivals bring happiness and wealth to the concern people and the family members of Shah Manzil are also not going to deprive from this. This Prateek Sharma produced show on Star Bharat is going to witness the celebration of marriage in their lives in the upcoming episodes of the show.

As per the current storyline of the show Kainaat and Hamza marriage is on the cards and with the witness of the holy moon the preparations for the same is going to start on full swing. The family members are also now assured as Kainaat told them that she is marrying Hamza willingly but she will take time to forget Zaroon.

On the other hand Saltant in spite of loving Zaroon wholeheartedly decided to refrain herself from getting close to Zaroon. She decided to fulfill the promise she made to Zainab, her tai ammi. Another way, Zaroon and Miyajaan fetched a plan to put a fullstop to the desires of Kainaat.

In the current episode of the show the loyal viewers will witness the celebration of Id along with some announcement. Miyajaan will announce the marriage date of Hamza and Kainaat. He is also going to tell the housemates about the engagement of Saltanat and Zaheer.

This will shock the entire family but Zaroon. Saltanat after realization the emergency of situation denied for the alliance. Later Zaroon will confront Neelam regarding the silence of Saltanat.

On the other hand Kainaat will be seen making some shocking comments which will spice up the story further in the upcoming episodes. To know more about your favourite shows keep watching this space.



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