The episode starts with Zaroorn watching Kainat sleep. Kainat questions till when all of this is going to go on. Zaroon promises he will fix things.

Madhav hears Saltanat talking to Krish. Saltanat tells him that they should always love everyone and should not hate anyone. Its only wastage of time. She asks about Zaroon. Zaroon says when he meets Krish its like meeting someonw close. Krish answers meeting Zaroon is like meeting Saltnat as he is just like him. Madhav recalls Zaroon. Zaroon and Kainat argue.

He says the kid needed my help but she is not ready to bear anything. She says I can leave anyone for you but doesn’t care for a stranger whether he dies today or tomorrow. Zaroon warns her to think first while talking like this about a child. Later, she apologizes and says if he wants they can start a family of their own. When he goes, she understands what she has to do and where to find Saltanat.
Later, Saltanat asks Krish to call Zaroon but Madhav interrupts. He thinks he has to get Kainat’s memory back.

Kainat sees Zaroon sleeping. She is determined to get Saltanat’s address. Zaroon follows her. Kainat and Zaroon get shocked seeing Nadeem. Nadeem tells someone opened the door and shut it. The guy hides. He recalls hiding on seeing Nadeem. Nadeem says you are probably here because of him and not because of the door. Kainat turns to find Zaroon. She is shocked and thinks they are guards.

Later after Nadeem switches off the lights they hear a sound. Nadeem and Zaroon run to check.Kainat gets the note from flowers and smiles.

She recalls keeping the note in the vase and taking Madhav’s picture. She asks the guys to get Madhav’s address first.

Kainat comes as salesman and introduces herself as Gurinder Singh to Indu. When Sneha asks her to leave, she asks a glass of water and hides behind the sofa in the meantime. Indu thinks when the day will come when Madhav takes his revenge for Sakshi’s death and kills Kainat. Neha says Madhav wantd to kill Kainat not Kashish. Indu says she is Kainat and due to her memory loss Madhav named her Kashish.

Kainat thinks when Saltanat gets her memory back she wil prove Saltanat’s real identity.
Kainat sees Salranat coming. She is shocked and recalls pushing her down the terrace. Saltanat sees her.

In the upcoming episode, a disguised Kainat will be baffled to see Saltanat alive and will hatch a new plan to confront her. Kainat will drop Saltanat specs and w Saltanat will see the specs and will get frightened. Later, Saltanat will feel helpless when an enraged Madhav manhandles her.

A lot of drama and turns and twists are awaiting Zaroon and Kainat.
So, shall we let’s get biiiizzzzziiinnnn’!!!!!!