Fans of Star Bharat’s youthful love story drama Sufiyana Pyaar Mera must have been already tired of the never-ending anger placed by Miyajaan and the rest of the family on Saltanat and Kainat’s evil plots to kill her. Despite the fact that Saltanat has always sacrificed her happiness for the well being of everyone else, all she gets in return is unsupportive behavior, misplaced hatred, and anger.

It surely disheartens us to see her suffering at the hands of a cruel fate where her own sister is trying to take her down just because she couldn’t get the man, she desired for herself. This time again, Kainat is going off-limits and try to kill Saltanat for taking revenge on her for stealing Zaroon from her. She will sabotage the gas lines in the house so that it will blast up and Saltanat will be caught up in the flames. The plan is full proof but will she be successful in killing Saltanat this time around? We will have to wait and watch as the episode plays.

In the meantime, Miyajaan will get to know about Zainab and Rubina going out to meet Saltanat in secret. He will get enraged after knowing about him and call them to him. He will question them regarding their meeting with Saltanat and reprimand them for going against his wishes by doing so. In his rage, he will find Saltanat’s wedding dress and burn it up. Do follow us for more updates as such.