Star Bharat’s popular show “Sufiyana Pyaar Mera” which is going through some interesting twists with Kainaat’s demise and Madhav’s family shifting in Shah Manzil. Recently, we witnessed that Madhav took the blame of Kainaat’s murder on himself so he could save Zaroon, Saltanat and reunite them. But Saltanat saves Madhav and bails him out. Due to this very reason, three of them have become very good friends, which has led to the bone of contention amongst the members of Shah Manzil. Especially Saltanat’s parents Rubina and Nadeem.


Despite the fact that Rubina, Nadeem, and Dadi disagree on the friendship between Madhav, Saltanat and Zaroon still they have maintained silence and we witnessed some happy moments between the Shah and Madhav’s family. But, now the danger is lurking in the corner which the audience can already feel and soon a big storm is going to hit Madhav’s life.


Now, it will be interesting to watch whether Saltanat, Madhav and Zaroon’s friendship withstand the test of time?


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