Star Bharat’s popular show Sufiyana Pyaar Mera is a favorite watch of the audience since the show started to air on TV. The concept of the show is taught to be based on a divine love story of two different people. The makers are leaving no stone unturned to make the audience glued to their seats. In the upcoming episodes of the show, the audience will get to see a lot of twists and turns occurring in the storyline. The equations of Shah Manzil is going to change forever and the audience will see an altogether new angle in the daily in their next track.

As per the new promo, Saltanat has already declared her love for Zaroon last night episode of the show. Zaroon also accepted her proposal happily when Saltanat expressed her love for him openly and accepted that how restless she was all this while without him. However, this turn of events caused Kainaat to call off her marriage. Not only that, but Mamoon also gets upset with the thought that maybe he will lose the chair of the dargah now. On another side, Neelam, Hamza, Ghazala, Rubina, and Zainab are happy to see Saltanat and Zaroon are being together. Now in the upcoming episodes of the show, Miyajaan will scold and thrashed Saltanat and Zaroon for being irresponsible and shameless to commit such act. He will disapprove the fact of Zaroon to be never in love with Kainaat. But this time Zainab will take a stand for Saltanat and Zaroon. She says I gave Saltanat a swear on Quran’s name and restrained her from confessing her love in front of the family. Not only that, but I also took back the promise from her on the name of Allah.

On the other side, Neelam and Hamza get happy to see Zaroon git his love. However, Miyajaan is not yet convinced with this turn of events and asked Zaroon to get out of his house.