Star Bharat show Sufiyana Pyaar Mera is heading towards some light hearted drama in the upcoming story.

The story which is based on the love story of Zaroon and Saltanat who are currently away from their families. Miyajaan who is not approved of their love and relationship asks them to leave the Shah Manzil.

On another hand, Zaroon and Saltanat is spending their moments with each other. In the previous episodes of the show we have seen that Saltanat is not well and gets admitted to hospital. On the other hand Sabina creates a scene in the house and tells everyone Saltant is pregnant and that is why she leaves the house with Zaroon. 

In the last episode of the flick the loyal audiences of the show had seen Saltanat and Zaroon were spending some light hearted moments with each other. Meanwhile, Rubina decided to find out about the real happenings behind the rumor of Saltanat being pregnant.

Kainaat on the other hand vowed to destroy the happiness of Saltanat and Zaroon. In tonight’s episode of the daily the viewers will get to see Zaroon will see another patient health will deteriorate for lack of blood. Zaroon will decide to donate blood as he is also belongs to that rare blood group. Saltanat becomes happy and proud to see Zaroon’s selfless act.

Later on Zaroon and Saltanat shared a beautiful conversation with each other on this regard. Here Hamza and Neelam are planning to bring Saltanat and Zaroon back in the house when Dadi interrupts their conversation and advise them not to interfere in this matter and try to win Miyajaan’s loyalty and trust to be the heir of the wealth.

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