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Episode starts with the discussion between Bindiya and Payal. Bindiya feels sad for Fulmati. As Dadi asked to leave Fulmati, Bindiya feels upset for Fulmati. Then suddenly they notice that they are heard by Fulmati. Madan also mocks het situation. In the next morning, someone thuds on the door. Dadi wakes up the family members. Madan opens the door and the village teacher informs that Fulmati has created a drama in the villge. He asks them to go with him. When they all reach to the spot, they notice Fulmati tries to hang herself. She has created a drama. She pretends to kill herself. Dadi asks why did she attempt suicide. Fulmati explains as her own mom has left her, she doesn’t want this life. Bhim also joins with the drama. Seeing their farce, the villagers start to laugh. Bhim requests Dadi to save her own daughter.

Dadi is compelled to ask Fulmati to return the home. Fulmati acts to be innocent and drags the scene. Bindiya also requests Fulmati to return home. But Fulmati says she ran to Dadi when she got the news of her accident. She also describes her impoverished situation. She gives every explanation behind her acts. Madan feels irritated seeing her drama. Finally, Fulmati comes out from the tree and hugs Bindiya and Payal. She shows off the caring attitude towards the two sisters. She gives the reason why did she want to send the two sisters to orphanage. Folding two hands, Fulmati apologies to the two sisters. Lamenting to her own mother, Fulmati tries to melt the ice of her own mother.

When no one forgives her, she again goes to hang herself. Everyone becomes furious. Bindiya requests Fulmati not to do this, and also urges to her Dadi to forgive Fulmati. After all the tantrums, they all return to the home. Bindiya happily hugs her Dadi as she has forgiven her daughter.

Here, Fulmati promises that now she will pour love to those two sisters. She also offers a glass of milk to Dadi. Bindiya is appreciated by Fulmati for her big heart. Meanwhile, she is called outside by Madan. Later, Payal rebukes Bindiya for being so great. Madan explains the evil attitude behind Fulmati. They even asks Bindiya whether she was threatened. Fulmati assures that whatever she has done, she did it according to her own decision.

In the night, Madan calls the debtor to manage the situation. Fulmati arrives there and mocks the silence of Fulmati. She also appreciates the hypocrisy of Madan. He remains silent. After leaving of Fulmati, Rekha also asks Madan why is he silent now. Madan gives the explanation of his inactivity. He decides to change the way. In the next morning, Payal and Bindiya are stopped from going school by Fulmati. Again she is transformed. After few minutes, Bindiya is wished happy birthday. Fulmati says she will celebrate her birthday. Everyone blesses her.

Episode ends.

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