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Episode starts with Bindiya telling Krishna that she was trying to save herself thinking there must be some goon at the terrace. Krishna asks if Nidhi gave her his message. Bindiya says she did receive the message but it wasn’t mentioned that he would be standing there with a knife. Suddenly the entire family gathers at the terrace and turns on the light. Krishna runs and stands in front of the cake to hide it from his parents and others.

Krishna asks his family to go and sleep since everything is okay there. He tries to hide the cake and all preparations from them being shy. Samay says that they all ruined Krishna’s surprise so they must all leave them alone. Bindiya sees the cake and all preparations and smiles in happiness. As Baldev and others try to turn around to go downstairs, Bindiya stops them and says that whatever celebration it is they must celebrate it together. Krishna thinks to herself that Bindiya turned the romantic night into a family celebration.

While cutting the cake, Bindiya asks Nidhi to hold the knife and cut it together so Krishna asks Amma and Indu to participate. Bindiya feeds a piece of cake to Nidhi and says to her child that Mamu is saying to him that he loves him. Krishna says Bindiya is absolutely right in a sarcastic way that this was his plan to say ‘I love you’ to the entire family at this house of the night that too at the terrace. He forcefully feeds the cake to his family members. Baldev and others smirk at each other seeing all this.

After the entire family goes to sleep, Bindiya asks Sapna for the turmeric paste. Krishna hears this and thinks Bindiya would come to his room to apply the medicine on his wound. He stands beside the door and thinks of hugging Bindiya as she enters the room with the medicine. He waits there, closing his eyes and counting till three. As the door opens he hugs the person coming inside and Sapna screams. He realised it’s Sapna instead of Bindiya as she was tired and went to sleep.

Krishna goes to Amma’s room to bring back Bindiya. He asks Bindiya to come to him or else he would wake up Amma with a smirk. Bindiya agrees, having no other option. Krishna asks what is the need for her to sleep with Amma and if she is a child who needs to listen to stories from grannies. Bindiya feels shy and at the same time teases Krishna. He asks Bindiya why she is not speaking to him properly these days and going away from him when he is trying to come close to her. She keeps on stammering. Bindiya yawns after listening to all this to divert the conversation. Krishna says he was waiting for her to come and apply the medicine on his wounds. Episode ends.

Precap : Bindiya and Krishna would be seen visiting the mandir.

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