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Episode starts with Bindiya running all round the house and others trying to bring her under control. Sakshi makes a scene. She gets up on the dining table and dances. She says that no one believed that Bindiya could never get drunk but now she has proved it herself. Indu calls Bindiya and a bat and asks her to get down. Krishna asks her to come down from the dining table but she doesn’t listen and continues behaving like a child. Krishna asks her to stop her drama but she starts singing now and screams that her husband loves her alot. Indu scolds her and asks her to get down. Nikku tries to leave but Krishna asks him to stay back. Bindiya stares at Nidhi so she gets angry and barbs at her. Bindiya says that she is just trying to enact her .

Krishna says that Bindiya has lost her mind after getting drunk. Vikram asks her to stay within her limits so Bindiya asks who said it. Vikram asks if she is unable to see such a tall and healthy person. She says that he is one who isn’t valued at all in this house. Indu asks Krishna how long will this drama continue. He says that even he is unable to understand how to stop this. Indu asks if she must know who got her drunk. Bindiya says that it’s Krishna who did this. Bindiya falls at Indu’s feet and asks why she doesn’t like her as her bahu. She starts shaking Indu’s feet. Finally she forces her to say that she accepts her as her choti bahu.

Nidhi asks Krishna to take her inside. Bindiya goes to Baldev and says sorry for not being able to stop talking today. She says that she feels bad since no one listens to her or him in this house. She asks if he is her friend. Baldev says that she must take care of her. She sees Pankaj and says that he is a very nice person. She laughs at his move for him staying back at his in-laws for her wife and says that they are on the same boat since both are trying to fight for their marriage. Bindiya says that she wants to stay with Krishna so he asks her to go upstairs with him. Baldev says that although in a drunken condition ,she is uttering the truth.

Suddenly the police siren rings. Everyone moves towards the door ro see what’s wrong. Police arrive with Payal. Bindiya thinks that he has called the police to get her arrested so she says that she won’t go anywhere. She hides behind Krishna and asks the police to take away Payal. Baldev asks the inspector what’s wrong. The inspector says that it appears that Payal has lost her mind since she has beaten a poor woman badly on the streets. Baldev assures the police that Payal won’t do something like this again and take the responsibility for all the damage caused. Krishna lifts Bindiya and takes her to his room.Episode ends.

Precap : Krishna would be asking Payal to leave from his room and not come back till Bindiya is sober! Someone would be trying to attack Krishna and Bindiya while they sleep.

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Suhaagan 11th November 2023 Written Update: