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The episode starts with Dadi asking Bindiya to untie her hand. Bindiya lays on the bed. Dadi comes beside here. Bindiya sings lullaby. She makes her sleep. Krishna asks Baldev what happened to Dadi. Baldev says that she has a dark side. They are not able to imagine about it. That is why he hide it from them. Indu asks him, if he really want to know her past? Krishna says that he has to know about it. He used to say they shouldn’t keep any secret with the family. Baldev says that he thought to share it with them about once they grew up. Bindiya close the door. She thinks that she can’t do it with Dadi. Bindiya hears Payal threatening Nidhi not to reveal her truth to anyone. She won’t cross her path if she stays silent. Bindiya says to Payal that she is aware she threatened Nidhi. She is a liar. She is more poisonous. One day her truth will be out. Payal says that she can’t do it. She can’t win over her. Bindiya says that she can’t always win. One day the truth will be out. Payal says that Krishna won’t believe her. She knew well how to handle Krishna. Bindiya says that she will reveal the truth to Krishna one day. She says that she can’t do because he kicked her out of the house.

Bindiya says that god showed a way to come inside the house too. They ended up in a heating arguements. Bindiya says that one day Krishna will find out who is genuine to him. Payal noticed the shadow there. She falls on Bindiya’s feet and pleads with her to leave her. She already killed her baby. She requests her not to kill her. Krishna comes there and protects her. Bindiya tries to explain the situation with him. He isn’t ready to listen her. Payal lies to him that Bindiya wants to kill her. Dadi comes there she recalls her past. She mistakes Payal as Kaveri. She says to her that she will kill her. Bindiya and Krishna tries to stop her. She bites on Krishna’s hand. She bites Bindiya’s hand too. Everyone comes there. Indu scolds Bindiya for allowed her to come outside. She asks her why she is roaming around. She demands her to stay inside the room until morning. She shouldn’t come out of that room. Krishna helps her to send Dadi to her room.

Bindiya feels pain in her hand. Krishna thought to help her. He recalls about Payal’s miscarriage. He leaves from there in anger. Meanwhile, Bindiya breaks out in tears. Krishna shares his grief with his friend Nikku. He says that he lost his child. He consoles him. Krishna is in pain. Bindiya cries seeing him in pain. Next day, Bindiya helping Dadi to get ready. Dadi likes her hair style. She asks her to untie her hand. Bindiya says that she will open it. She says that she is closing this door but she shouldn’t get angry on her? Dadi nodded to her. Payal comes there and opens the door. She thinks that Dadi hurted Bindiya when her hands was tied. She has to provoke her using Kaveri’s name. Payal says to Dadi that Kaveri tied her hand. She is not a good person. She is a bad person. She says that she will untie her hand.

Payal says that she is there to help her. Payal thinks that Dadi will ruin Bindiya. She unties her hand. Bindiya asks her what have she done? Who asked her to untie her hand? Payal asks Dadi not to leave Kaveri. She pointed Bindiya and says that she is Kaveri.

Episode end

Precap; Dadi stabs Bindiya.

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