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Episode starts with another drama of Payal. She goes to Durga’s room to learn her next plan against her. In the absence of Durga, she searches for something relevant through which she could prove them guilt. But suddenly Amma and Bindiya come there. She hides herself in the cupboard before they see her, but her mobile falls in the ground.

After a while, Bindiya notices the mobile phone and smells something fishy. She couldn’t understand how did the mobile phone arrive in her room but assumes that Payal was following them. She also doubts whether Payal is hiding herself in the almirah. She indicates Amma ji her thoughts.
Amma moulds her sentence and plays with the words. They pretend to hatch another conspiracy against Payal. Amma suggests Bindiya to structure their plan so that Payal will be pissed off. On the other hand, Payal becomes totally chickened out with this sudden situation. Taking the key, Amma locks the almirah in where Payal is locked. She wants to punish Payal by hook or crook. Payal becomes more pissed off.

Here, Krishna goes to a hospital to consult with a doctor about Payal. The alarming condition of Payal makes him tensed. Krishna is suggested to treat Payal in a more proper way so that she will be cured. He helplessly wants to know a medicine so that Payal could get some relief whenever she is becoming more hyper. But doctor gives him a medicine but also instructs him the right way of giving the medication.

Bindiya gets very emotional thinking of Payal’s condition. Amma asks Bindiya to separate herself from her emotional thinking. Amma explains that Payal won’t die if she remains locked in the almirah. As Payal doesn’t care about anyone of this family, she should know how does it feel of being claustrophobic.

Here, in the ground hall, Sakshi suddenly starts crying. When Indu and Baldev ask Sakshi why she is crying. Sakshi dramatically tells the reason of her dissapointed. As she is not invited in the party. Meanwhile, Bindiya searches of Payal with her name. She shouts with the name of her sister. Indu asks why she is searching Payal everywhere. Bindiya tells that Payal left her phone in the room of Amma. Sakshi gets relieved learning the absence of Payal. She thinks that Payal has left the house. Meanwhile, Krishna comes to know about the sudden disappearance of Payal and runs to Amma’s room. Hearing his voice, Payal raises her voice.

Krishna starts to break the almirah. Others also come in the spot and sees that Krishna is breaking the almirah. Amma and Bindiya both pretend to be very utterly surprised. When Krishna struggle to open the door, Amma gives him the key.
As soon as Payal comes out, all other get utterly surprised.
Payal pretends to be senseless to avoid their curiosity. She is taken outside. When she gets back her sense, Payal is asked many questions how did she become locked in the cupboard.

Episode ends.

Precap : Bindiya and Krishna will force Payal to have the medication.

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